Your meetings, all in one place.


Your day at a glance

With Do, you can easily see what you have going on, every day. Meetings, participants, and the important information all at your fingertips.


Prepare for your meetings

Set an agenda, share it with your colleagues, upload files, and take
private notes to ensure everyone is
on the same page.



Make your meetings actionable

Increase accountability and transparency. With Do, you can ensure that all points are tracked and proper action happens for the takeaways.

What needs to be done?
Assign followups to specific attendees.
What has been done?
Mark them as outcomes when completed. 

See how many meetings your organization has per week and how much time you spend in them.

Get valuable insights to optimize your time

You have lots of meetings - we know that. But ever wondered how you could maximize that time?

Do Insights tells you about the hours, dollars, and energy spent in your organization, giving personalized advice about how to approach meetings and productivity in your organization.

Enhance your organization's efficiency, get a structured and detailed overview of your meetings, and always know how everyone's time is spent at work.

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