Your meetings, now in your daily workflow.


Make Do even better by integrating it with your favorite apps and services - right into your existing workflow.

Whether it's calendar services, video conferencing, team communication, note-taking, or task management, seamlessly integrate your meetings with the rest of your favorite tools, however you need it.



Do pulls in all your meetings from your Google Calendar. Add our Chrome extension so your calendar events can have a link to the meeting page on Do!

Export your meeting summaries right to your Slack team. Every morning, receive a Slackbot message with an overview of your upcoming meetings for the day!

You can also connect your work or personal Office 365 account to allow Do to surface all your meetings from your Outlook calendar with just one click.

Keep a record of all your meeting notes in any Evernote notebook. Export them straight to your notes right from the meeting page on Do, with just one tap!

Take advantage of HD video conference calls, screen sharing, or audio recording, by launching a GoToMeeting session right from your meeting page on Do.

Push your followups and tasks to your favorite apps like Wunderlist, Asana, and Trello, or export your meeting notes out to Google Docs or OneNote!